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Canada Signature Experiences

Over the last few years the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), the body that represents Canada’s tourism industry globally, has quietly been putting together a whole family of experiences of things Canadian.

The brief has been wide ranging and although they do include a lot of the great outdoor experiences that you would expect to see in Canada, things such as wildlife viewing and the Calgary Stampede, etc. They also include a wide variety of more urban delights, things such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and visiting a sugar shack to see how maple syrup is produced.
What does this mean to me?

We are pleased to say that The Independent Traveller has become the first tour operator in the world to incorporate these experiences onto our website. A separate section has now been established, which is still in its infancy and will be further developed over the next few months. Increasingly we will be trying to link our e-mails to you to incorporate these experiences so that you can build them into a trip. After all they are things that the Canadians themselves feel depict the true face of Canada. We are not trying to say that they are unique, how could whale watching in the Bay of Fundy be unique, there are whales all over the world. What is unique with an experience such as this is the wide variety of whales brought to this area by the extreme tidal range in the Bay of Fundy and the interaction of the whales with their environment.

We very much encourage you to consider building in one or more of these experiences in your next trip to Canada. Our staff and our product director are keen to assist you to ensure that you not only get value for money, but experience the most from your trip to Canada. If you would like to be some of the first people to take advantage of the amazing new Canada Signature Experiences then simply contact us on 01509 618 800. Because the are so unique in their experience and timings, we will need to talk to you to be able to incorporate one, or as many as you like, into a quote for you.

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